Decora Fashion Girlz

Beautiful Rooted Nylon Hair: Super soft and perfect for styling! Poseable and Trendy: Decora Fashion Girlz are ready to showcase their fashion in any pose! Vibrant Decora Fashion: Her outfits are a kaleidoscope of colors, embodying the Decora Kei trend known for its layering, vibrant hues, and abundance of stickers! Decorate Me, Decorate You! Decora Fashion Girlz feature fun wear and share accessories!

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About Decora Girlz

Decora Girlz™  are adorable collectible fashion dolls. Decora Girlz are made by Cepia LLC, manufacturing under Blue Whale™, a privately held company headquartered in St. Louis, MO. All Cepia LLC toys are sold globally through national chain retail outlets, online & independent toy stores.